What Should You Eat When You Are In The Process Of Intermittent Fasting

A popular method of dieting in today's world is to use a fasting method of some sort. What this means is that you literally deny yourself the pleasure of eating anything at all for a certain period of time. There are some people who are more extreme about it than others, but the bottom line is that not eating for at least some period of time makes losing weight easier. 

The main question that those who practice intermittent fasting ask is what kinds of foods they actually should eat in the first place. There are clearly some that will work better with the fasting method than others. We want to take a look today at some of the very best foods that you can eat while you are fasting and still lose weight. 


Laugh all you want about millennials and their avocado toast, but there are plenty of benefits to eating avocados when you are on a fasting diet. The fats that are in avocados are extremely filling for those who are on a diet and particularly for those who have been fasting. During the period of time that you allow yourself to eat, there are foods like this that you should be piling high on your plate in order to get the most of your full stomach feeling. 


When it comes to meats, fish is one of the best options for getting your nutrients and protein from food. There are plenty of foods that have protein in them, but there are not many that are good on your diet at the same time. Fish is one of those rare exceptions in which you can eat as much of it as you really want and still end up losing weight as long as you stay on your diet. 


You can have some tasty spuds while you are on a diet, you just don't want to eat them in the form of chips or french fries. Those are fattening foods, but regular potatoes are something that you can eat and be satisfied by and still remain on your diet. 


The berries that you might find in a smoothie or something of that nature is exactly what you need when it comes to getting a lot of vitamins out of your diet. The fact of the matter is that we all need vitamins in our diets in order to be living a happy and healthy life. Berries are a tasty food that you can get those vitamins out of. You don't have to sacrifice taste entirely at the alter of vitamins, you can have both. 


Another great source of protein for someone on a diet is to eat eggs. They are a healthier option for protein than red meats are, and they are cheaper as well. 

These are a few of the better food options for you if you are going to be on a fasting diet with intermittent periods of eating.