Intermittent Fasting Schedule

Are you looking for an intermittent fasting schedule? If yes, then you can try a 12-6 window plan, 8-6 window plan, 5-2 plan, 2- day plan or every-other-day plan. 

1. The 12-6 Window Plan
This plan resembles the 8-6 window plan but your fasting period is extended by 4 hours. Your eating time is between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. Hence, you will fast for 18 hours a day. In spite of skipping breakfast, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated. Drink sufficient water or drink herbal tea and similar drinks. Tea has catechins that enhance fasting benefits by assisting to reduce the hormone ghrelin, a hunger hormone. You can, therefore, make it to lunch without much starving. Due to the increased fasting time, make sure your first meal at lunch has many healthy fats. The burger will suffice in the 8-6 window plan, but you can add an avocado or more dressing fats for this plan. 
2. The 8-6 Window Plan
In this plan, you can only eat between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. This is great for beginners since it lets you eat every meal and additional snacks while still fasting for 14 hours in a day. You can have a green smoothie as breakfast to avoid beginning your day in a blood-sugar roller coaster. You can include healthy fats such as coconut milk and avocado to sustain you till lunch. Ensure the rest of your meals are healthy and include fruits, vegetables, clean sources of meat, and healthy fats. 
3. The 5-2 Plan
This plan involves eating healthy for five days and avoiding any meals for two random days of the week. For instance, you can fast on Wednesday and Saturday and eat healthy meals on the other five days. The healthy foods involved are fruits, vegetables, clean sources of meat, and healthy fats. Note that this plan is not for amateurs and you should always consult a physician before starting on any fasting plan, particularly when you have a medical problem, or you are on medication. 
4. The Modified 2-day Plan
The 2-day plan involves eating healthy for five days of the week. Then for the remaining two days, limit your calories to at most 700 per day. When you restrict your calories, you will experience amazing benefits just like someone who is fasting for a whole day. On the five days you are not fasting, ensure you eat vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and clean sources of meat. On the two days that you have limited your calories, eat snacks or smaller meals throughout the day, or consume a moderate-size dinner and lunch and fast after dinner and in the morning. Again, concentrate on clean meats, healthy fats, and produce. 
5. Every-other-day Plan
Despite this plan being advanced, it is simple. Avoid consuming anything on your fasting days. You can get excellent results from this most advanced intermittent fasting form. Every other day, consume fruits, vegetables, clean sources of meat, and healthy fats. Drink herbal tea, water, and average amounts of tea or coffee on the fasting days. 

Happy fasting!