Intermittent Fasting Results

Currently, there are several different popular diet trends that are sweeping the country. Intermittent fasting is one such trend. Intermittent fasting is a pattern involving intervals of fasting and eating. In general intermittent fasters tend to choose a 16/8 split. This involves fasting for 16 hours and then eating during an 8-hour span. The results of intermittent fasting have been miraculous for many people. 

More Energy. Many practitioners of intermittent fasting have experienced an increase in their energy levels. Increased energy occurs because during fasting the body uses fat for energy instead of sugar or carbohydrates. Fat is digested more slowly than carbohydrates and as such energy levels are higher and more consistent over time when engaging in this type of fast. In short, intermittent fasting improves the way your metabolism functions. 

Better workouts. Working out on an empty stomach has proven beneficial to some people who fast intermittently. The increase in energy allows for a longer more intense exercise sessions and better workouts. This also means that fitness goals are reached sooner. In addition, exercising while fasting increases your body's ability to burn fat. 

Enjoyable meals. Unlike other diet fads and plans, intermittent fasting is not as restrictive as other diets. While intermittent fasting it is still important to adhere to a certain caloric intake, but because the hours you can eat are restricted, there are many more foods you are allowed to eat. For many people, this ease of planning meals makes it a simpler lifestyle change to maintain. 

Weight Loss. One of the most common reasons that people begin intermittent fasting is to lose weight. As we've already discussed, intermittent fasting improves the metabolism which increases energy. This increased energy leads to more productive workouts, leading to weight loss. Many people who fast intermittently have experienced steady and significant weight loss. Not only have they experienced weight loss, but they have also been able to maintain the weight loss because of the simplicity of intermittent fasting. 

Improved Focus and Productivity. Improvement of mental clarity is also one of the results of intermittent fasting. There are several reasons why intermittent fasting improves brain function. One reason is a decrease in inflammation. More specifically intermittent fasting encourages a process known as autophagy. This process involves the body destroying old or damaged cells. Intermittent fasting also promotes neurogenesis which is the creation of new brain cells. Both autophagy and neurogenesis lead to improvements in brain function. 

Like any type of dietary change, it may take time to see the aforementioned results from intermittent fasting. However, if you incorporate this type of lifestyle change in a way that is consistent, you will see positive results. Although weight loss is a major benefit of intermittent fasting, many people have noted that the increase in energy and mental clarity are the most important and profound benefits of intermittent fasting. The increase in energy also enhances productivity and will help you in reaching all of your desired goals.